Workstation and Mobile

No matter how much perimeter security you have implemented, security breaches increasingly occur from insiders. Proper, practical security mechanisms on desktops and mobile computers are no longer an option, but mandatory. These should co-exist with the personal firewalls and anti-virus protection suites. Further to this, the workstation environment has become mobile, by means of the laptop and tablet users. This is a high risk area because these devices are prone to theft and misplacement.

One would leave a hole in the security wall if attention was not given to securing the desktop or workstation environment. Nanoteq has wide experience in this domain and can offer the following products as part of a desktop solution:

  • Qlassified Storage: Provide volume based encryption, with or without the Nanoteq QCM-D cryptographic module, with or without custom software algorithms
  • Qlassified Mail: Provide (through a plugin mechanism to Microsoft Outlook and webmail clients) confidentiality and authenticity to email, using the Nanoteq QCM-D cryptographic module.