Nanoteq, a truly 100% South African owned company deeply rooted in the security domain, offers a comprehensive range of high-grade trusted cryptographic products.
Nanoteq continues to successfully provide our clients with excellent cryptographic products, solutions and service delivery through our high-level technology development skills combined with domain knowledge and client-centric business development.

The highly specialised technology development component has consistently delivered high grade security solutions to various government organisations. Drawing strongly on our traditional strengths as a developer of high-level cryptographic products, our competitive product offering is powered by the state-of-the-art QCM™ high-grade security module family used to encrypt voice, messages, video and other data traversing over telecommunication and network communication infrastructure. 

Being a trusted, independent cryptographic product developer, Nanoteq is proud to have special relationships with all our clients. Real cryptographic security ownership or autonomy within a government, country or client is only possible when trusted partnerships between technology developers and clients are established. Providing a practical and efficient path towards cryptographic autonomy is core to our offering.

Due to our various trust relationships, Nanoteq has developed an extensive classified range of high-grade cryptographic products and solutions that offer various levels of customisation for every customer to ensure uniqueness without compromising security.